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As a real estate agent and a proud member of my community, I have always wanted to give back to the place that I call home. Being an agent has opened my eyes to the incredible opportunity I have to make a positive impact and support a cause that is greater than myself. Having grown up in a family of small business owners and being one myself, I understand firsthand the hardships they face. Additionally, seeing cancer affect my loved ones and many others has compelled me to take action.

That is why I have decided to champion local businesses, as I have witnessed the transformative effect of showing genuine support and being able to bring a smile to the faces of business owners. By rallying the community around these businesses and raising funds for cancer, we can unite to make a difference.

It takes just a small gesture to ignite a chain reaction and bring about a monumental change. If you, too, are moved to be a force for good in your community and lend your platform to the larger mission, I invite you to join me. This is our chance to create something bigger, to strengthen our communities, and to strive for a world without cancer.

You do not need to be a superstar to make a profound impact. Start now and realize the potential to make a difference in someone's life that far exceeds anything you could imagine.

All the best. Eric

How it works.

Claim Your City

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Sponsor Businesses

Sign up local businesses on our network to grow their exposure. Distribute our flyer.

Promote the App

Promote the download of the app to your clients and through our marketing templates. Apple - Android

Receive Leads

Either from our Website or from local businesses, be the exclusive Agent to receive leads

The platform brings awareness to local businesses so people can find, visit and shop local all year long.  Your sponsorship allows businesses to join our network for free while you reap the benefits of increased exposure, trust and building a referral network of businesses that send you leads!

Leverage Your Business Through Our Brand

Build Your Referral Network

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Capture Leads

Partner with businesses that will send you referrals

Grow your Exposure

Market yourself nationally on our platform of 750k viewers and locally at businesses

Close more Deals

More relationships that create leads means more opportunity to close

Build Trust in Your Community

Do More Good

Be seen as a community advocate. People want to work and associate with others doing good.

Give Before You Get

Providing value to businesses and clients breaks down barriers and softens the conversation

Reap the Rewards

Potential clients will feel like they already know you before they even work with you


There's No Shortage of Real Estate Agents, How do you Stand Out?

Offer Value

While everyone else is asking for business, you will be attracting it. Give local businesses the exposure they deserve. Differentiate yourself with a solution no one else can provide.

Use Your Platform For Good

Stand behind two great causes: Local Businesses and Fighting Cancer

Be The Hero

Receive recognition and exposure as the Agent that’s doing good for your community

Causes You Can Get Behind

GIVE a Helping Hand to Shop Local

FIGHT for a World Without Cancer

Communities and Local Businesses deserve a helping hand. Often being left behind, you can be the catalyst to help them gain exposure to our audience of over 750k+ website users every year for FREE. Local Businesses are the reason people live and move to your community, be the hero and help them succeed by offering them the benefits below. is the place where people go to find, visit, and shop local.

More consumers are looking for Cause-Based businesses to support. Customers can take advantage of the redeemable deal that each business offers when they donate $20+ directly to the American Cancer Society.  Your Agency and each business could be the reason someone donates to save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Donate directly at

Steps to Success

#1 Claim Your City

#2 Identify Businesses to Sponsor

#3 Businesses Sign Up Thru QR Code or URL

#4 We Handle The Business Onboarding

#5 Send Businesses Marketing Collateral

#6 Reap the Benefits of Increased Leads, Referrals and Marketing

Other Ways to Utilize our Partnership!

Increase your conversion rate by offering something of Value. Place our QR Code on your Marketing that Helps People Shop Local & Support a Good Cause



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